we aren't all cogs in a wheel

The Pamir Highway - Tajikistan

The world we live in is so full of mass consumption, must have items, that it's refreshing to put yourself in situations where all that really matters is food, water, shelter and a little bit of good will. Yep, back to basics so to speak! It's humbling to know that when you don't have a choice, all those creature comforts you think you need you can manage to live without. Though in saying that, in natures extremes the right gear is imperative and common sense is paramount.

In 2011 my best mate and I pedalled our bikes from Scotland to Cambodia. It is an adventure I had dreamed about doing for a decade or so, and to date It is the single greatest thing I've had the pleasure of doing! 17,000km of mind blowing nature, experiences, people, food, sights, sound and smells that liven the soul. We chose to travel without a phone and without a gps and that made for great interactions with people. It's amazing what you can discover when your'e not following an arrow.

Adventuring into the backlots of places is just something I really like doing, it's like a reset switch from the haste of the modern world.  
Like most adventures, I made a heap of gear prior, and I'm happy to say that it all came home weathered, worn, abused and still in great condition.

I've been designing and making handy things for my self since the early 90's, and is something I will continue to do forever.